EANS national membership – Slovak National Society – proforma invoice

Dear Offi­cers,
atta­ched to my email ple­a­se find the invo­ice for your socie­ty­’s EANS sub­sc­rip­ti­on for 2017.
The invo­ice was issu­ed based on 36 mem­bers of your socie­ty, which is the num­ber we hold in our records. If the num­ber has chan­ged, ple­a­se let me know as soon as possib­le and I’ll amend the invoice.
If all the infor­ma­ti­on are cor­rect, I’d kind­ly ask you to pro­ce­ed with the pay­ment at your ear­liest convenience.

Our bank details chan­ged this year, ple­a­se upda­te your records. The new bank details are the following:

Accoun­tna­me: Main Currents
Bank: KBC Bank
IBAN nr: BE77 7350 4559 5442
Bene­fi­cia­ry add­ress: Kor­trijk­ses­te­en­weg 1142 bus 5, 9051 St-Denijs-Wes­trem, Belgium

Ple­a­se con­firm me that you have rece­i­ved my email and the date when the pay­ment will be done.

If you have any ques­ti­ons, ple­a­se don’t hesi­ta­te to con­tact me.

With best wishes,
Tomas Csor­go | Finan­cial Admi­ni­stra­tor, EANS
tomas.​csorgo@​eans.​org | P: +420 773 612 753


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